Sunday, May 31, 2009


*** Now Available ***


Russian River Consecration 750ml:

This strong dark ale aged for 6 months inside used cabernet sauvignon barrels with currants added. Rusty brown in color it pours with little head. The aroma is big, sour, and fruity. Classified as a “Wild” ale; the brett notes come through with a touch of that barnyard goodness. The flavor is a mix of berry black current (of course) and hints of cherry and raspberry. I’m so excited to see Russian River’s barrel aged product make it up my way. Stuff like this is obviously limited but I get as much as I can. No bottle limits on this one. 10.5%ABV / 1.092 O.G


*** New Beers ***


Blue Frog The Big DIPA 22oz:

Hazy amber gold with a orange citrus hop aroma and a toffee malt and an appropriate bitterness.


Six Rivers IPA 12oz:

This copper IPA has a woody biscuit aroma and a flavor that is deep toffee in malt with medium hop bitterness that comes in late on the palate.


Santa Cruz Mt. IPA 22oz:

Straw golden in color with an ivory head, this beer has an aroma of toasty malt and fruit hops. The flavor is of piney earthy hops and a creamy pale malt.


Santa Cruz Mt. Coffee Porter 22oz:

A dark brown that pours with a thin tan head. The aroma is big coffee (duh!) with roasted malt and light hop. The flavor is bitter sweet chocolate, big roast and citrus hop.


Schnider Hopfen Weisse 500ml:

This hopped up weisse beer is cloudy and straw yellow with a big wheat head. The aroma and flavor lives up to the idea of a well (over??) hopped wheat beer is with fruity, lemon, grass hops that play well with the tangy wheat and the fruity yeast ester.


Belhaven Scottish Stout 500ml:

Black / brown in color with a creamy beige / tan head. The aroma is chocolate, toffee and vanilla. The flavor follows the aroma with some coffee tones and dry roast / light hop bitter finish.


Stone Levitation Ale 12oz:

Copper in color with a medium head that leaves some nice lace. It is one of the hopiest ambers I have ever seen. The aroma is nutty with a big spice and floral hop. The flavor comes through with a bit of caramel and brown malts with a substantial bitterness.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


*** Featured Wine ***


Oregon Pinot Noir Sixpack 750ml x 6:

Sixpack of superb Oregon Pinots ready to drink now at a super price of 89.99 for the six. Klay 2006, Pug Dog 2006, Chris Bridge 2005, Stangeland 2006, Viridian 2006 and Kaison 2006.


*** Now Available ***


Deschutes Mirror Mirror 22oz:

5/28 We had a few orders fall through so there is some more Mirror Mirror opened back up. Their loss is your gain.

From the brewery.......

Deschutes Brewery"s - 2009 Reserve

Mirror Mirror, the flavorful brew that officially kicked off our Reserve Series back in 2006, is returning due to popular demand by both our brewers and our fans. Mirror Mirror is an inspired version of the brewery’s flagship, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, which has been doubled up to barley wine strength – yielding a rich malt base with hints of raisin and oak tinged with the slightest citrus hop aroma.

After its initial release we kept a small stash of Mirror Mirror in a hidden corner of the warehouse, sending a few kegs here and there to select festivals. We also tapped a few kegs for special occasions at both our Bend and Portland pubs. From this, beer enthusiasts discovered this unique beer, and a loyal following was born.


*** Back In Stock ***


Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA 22oz:

Copper / orange in color with a lean white head. The aroma is all of sweet Jasmine. The flavor is lightly floral bitter hop with sweet golden malt and grassy jasmine notes. Not as bitter and hoppy as most NW IPAs but the Jasmine aroma and flavor makes this one of the best flower beers there is.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


*** Featured Wine ***


Ken Wright 2007 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 750ml:

Great tasting Pinot Noir from Oregon"s top gun -- a steal at this juicy price (True Juicyism!)


*** New Beers ***


H.U.B. (Hopworks Urban Brewery)

H.U.B. (Hopworks Urban Brewery) is one of Portland’s hottest breweries and I for one am stoked that they are now bottling. They have some of the most talented brewers around, a well-executed restaurant / brewpub and a reputation that can take them to the top. The first four out of the gate are some of their standard lineup, which they do very well. I hope to see some imperials, barleywines and Belgian styles in the future. By all means please check out the reviews at Beer Advocate

As they work their way into the bottle market the supply might be a little hit and miss. Please bare with us, it will be worth the wait.


HUB IPA 22oz:

Organic IPA pours a gold color with a large head. The aroma is hoppy with pine and pear with a touch of citrus. The flavor a light doughy malt with a resiny orange hop bitterness. The mouthfeel is full and the finish dry. A fine IPA by any ones standards.


HUB Survival 7-Grain Stout 22oz:

This deep black/brown coffee stout is made with barley, wheat, oats, amaranth, quinoa, spelt, kamut and cold pressed “Stumptown” brand coffee. The aroma is deep with coffee, chocolate, cake, and cereal grains. The flavor is ultra smooth. The coffee is well integrated without being brash or overpowering. The body is creamy smooth and the roasted grain flavor moves into a sweet cocoa and finishes with a light bitterness.


HUB Deluxe Organic Ale 22oz:

The Deluxe Organic Amber run a bit on the malty side compaired to most ambers. The color is copper orange and the aroma starts malty with a pine floral hop. The flavor is also malty with a fruity floral hop flavor. The finish of the 55 IBUs is what justifies the malty character. When you start a sip of this 6.9% amber is lulls you into a malty malaise but finishes you with an ample hop kick.


HUB Cross Town Pale 22oz:

The clear amber color and big creamy head is an excellent start to this pale ale. The aroma is of toasty bready malt and a fruity hop that is mild and easy. The flavor is malty up front like a good pale should be with some pungent pine hops.


*** Back In Stock ***


Speakeasy Double Daddy 12oz:

You may have thought Speakeasy’s Bid Daddy had some hops to it, well this one has more hop, more malt, and more alcohol. Nothing like a massively hopped IPA to make your taste buds sing, and nothing like enough of a malt character to balance out all of those hops and if you are going to use all of that malt you have to ferment it well enough and that will give you 9.5% alcohol. Few companies achieve this BIG of beer and this level balance. Some are too bitter for the malting and other are too sweet for the hopping but IMHO this one is right on the mark.


Speakeasy Old Godfather 12oz:

Now this is the kind of barley wine that I like. Brown/amber in color it pours with a large head that fall a bit too quick. The malt starts off well with caramel and crystal malt character without being sweet. The hop quickly takes over and finishes bitter with a big grassy, and light citrus. Even at 10.2% this is a drinking type barley wine as opposed to those thick heavy sipping ones.

To quote the bottle, "Speakeasy’s patriarch, Old Godfather, commands respect. Flanked by a potent arsenal of malt and a ruthless gang of hops, it’s simply a beer you can’t refuse."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


*** New Beers ***


Great Divide Saison 22oz:

A hazy gold with a frothy head that settles thin. Tart wheat aroma with a big floral hop and a touch of spice and earth. The flavor is tangy with honey notes, with some clove and with mild pear apricot fruit. The hops are lightly bitter with some earth and spice and the mouth feel is of medium body with prickly carbonation.


Great Divide Dunkel Weiss 22oz:

Deep red / brown in color. It pours with a large wheat head. The aroma is sweet with caramel malt, fruity ester and a nutty quality. The flavor starts sweet but then moves on to a spicy phenol, banana ester, then to a roasty chocolate malt. It is more agressivly flavored than its German cousins but more flavor is not a bad thing al long as you are ready for it.


Great Divide Belgica 12oz:

Clear and golden yellow, this beer has a big creamy head. The aroma is of tropical and citrus fruit with a spicy Belgian yeast. The flaor is sweet and fruity with grassy hops and pale biscuit malt.


Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat 22oz:

This tart and fruity wheat beers is a warm weather refresher right out of the bottle. The wheat is tarts the orange is fruity and lightly acidic which makes it a refreshing thirst quencher.


*** Now Available ***


Marin White Knuckle Double IPA 22oz:

This double IPA pours a deep orange with a nice two finger cap and plenty of lace. The aroma is big on the fruity hops with grapefruit, pineapple and orange with some pine. The flavor is big on the resin hop flavors, a touch of smoke, citrus, and a caramel malt backing. An exceptional DIPA. A very limited supply.


Kostritzer Schwarzbier 12oz

This is one of those gold standards in beer style. It is everything the German “Black Beer” style is supposed to be. It pours with an ample tan head that is sticky and persists. The aroma is earthy with a touch of dark (charred) malt. Faint malt sweetness with a light hop hit at the end. The body is light and the finish is clean as a lager should be.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


*** Featured Wines ***


Pride 2006 Merlot 750ml:

Yummy, balanced with finesse. A Deal! Only 5 cases left.


Turley 2006 Cederman Vineyard Zinfandel 750ml:

A Treat a the price. Only 24 bottles available.


*** Getting Caught Up ***

Hi everyone. With the extra activities that have been going on and a few delayed deliveries we are currently running a bit behind on our shipping schedule. We working hard to get things caught up. Please bear with us and we’ll ship the orders as soon as we are able.



*** New Beers ***


Schlafly Reserve Barleywine 08 750ml:

A deep copper / orange color and pours with a cream white head that has good retention. The aroma is fruity apple, wood with honey. The flavor is oaky with sweet caramel malt, bready yeast and a light hop bitterness. Great drinkability and aging potential.


Schlafly Reserve Imp Stout 08 750ml:

It starts with a big frothy tan head atop of the solid black brew. The aroma is roasty with coffee, dark chocolate, coffee and a dark fruit that is plum/prune. The flavor follows the aroma with roasted barley, dark chocolate, and coffee. It also has a leafy / grassy hop with mid level bitterness. The finish is oaky dry with a mild alcohol presence.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


*** New Beers ***


Deschutes Red Chair IPA 22oz:

This IPA from Deschutes pours an amber orange color. The head is ample and an off white. The aroma is of herbal hops with a lightly sweet biscuit malt. The flavor is mid range bitter with a peppery citrus hop and a caramel honey malt. The body is light as and the finish is dry as they are positioning this to be a summer beer. Plenty of bitterness and flavor for hot weather refreshment.


Mactarnahans Summer Grifter 22oz:

Copper in color with a small tight head. The aroma is hoppy with citrus and spice. The flavor is of lemony / piney hops, with a touch of malt. This is a tasty IPA at a great price; something you could enjoy all evening long.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Fred Fest 2009 Round Two

Well the Fred Fest event has come and gone (and a good time was had by all) but the generosity seems to be never ending. People continued to donate some awesome beers right until the end of the event. Some of those we are going to hold over for next year but some of these are just too good to sit on. The 7 new lots will be closing on Thursday the 14th starting at 5:00 Pacific.


To temp you even more……

We are adding additional bottles to two lots in order to entice you even more.


Lot FF914 Additions

FF914 Alaskan Smoked Porter 2001-2008 is now 1997-2008 with the addition of these 4 bottles.


Lot FF906 additions

FF906 rogue old crustacean 1993-1996 is now 1993-2000 adding these 4 additional bottles.


Seven new Lots!!


Lot FF921

FF921 Fish Tale Old Woody 2002


Lot FF922

FF922 Fish Tale Leviathan 2002


Lot FF923

FF923 Full Sail Olds Boardhead 98,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08


Lot FF924

FF924 Stone Complete Vertical Epic to date 02-08


Donated by Fred himself.

Even Fred himself gives generously at Fred Fest. These last three lots came out of his personal collection.


Lot FF925

FF925 Sierra Nevada Celebration 1986x4


Lot FF926

FF926 Sierra Nevada Celebration 1985x4


Lot FF927

FF927 Sierra Nevada Clecbration 1982x4

Thursday, May 07, 2009


FredFest 2009

What started as a small surprise 80th birthday party for world-renowned beer writer Fred Eckhardt is coming back around in its fourth year as one of the most anticipated beer events of the year. As always, 100% of the proceeds from FredFest and the related auctions will go to a charity of Fred's choice. This year, Fred has named the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America as the 2009 recipient of the fest.

Like last year I help out by running the auction for the event. We have a great lineup this year. The bids will start as soon as Lars gets them up on the site. They will close starting on Wed. at 5:00pm Pacific and stagger after that.

This email includes the bulk of the lots that are going up this year. We should have a few more on Sunday so be looking for them.

Last year we did have some problems with bids being posted after the closing time. If that happens this year they will be deleted and the winner of the auction will be the last bid that comes in before or on the closing time.



Lot FF901

FF901 Sierra Nevada Celebration 1999-2005


Lot FF902

FF902 North Coast 11th Ann. Olld Rasputin, Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve 2005, Old Stock Ale 2006-2009


Lot FF903

FF903 Thomas Hardy's 1986, 1987, 1989


Lot FF904

FF904 Jolly Pumpkin 4x Biere de Mars Grand Reserve 16 months in oak 12oz


Lot FF905

FF905 Hair of the Dog 4xMatt


Lot FF906

FF906 rogue old crustacean 1993-1996


Lot FF907

FF907 Eggenberg Samichlaus 2003-2007


Lot FF908

FF908 ommegang Three Philosophers Batch1, Batch2, 2003


Lot FF909

FF909 Hair of the Dog Golden Rose Batch 1 12ozx2


Lot FF910

FF910 Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws 2001-2008 complete vrtical


Lot FF911

FF911 Widmer Ur-Alt 2006, Imperial Red 2007, Brrr 2008 750ml


Lot FF912

FF912 Deschutes The Abyss 2006,2007,2008


Lot FF913

FF913 Stone Annv. 8,9,10,11


Lot FF914

FF914 Alaskan Smoked Porter 2001-2008


Lot FF915

FF915 Rochfort 8 1997



FF916 Hair of the Dog Dave



FF917 Jolly Pumpkin 4x Biere de Mars Grand Reserve 16 months in oak 12oz


Lot FF918

FF918 Midnight Sun Venus, Anchor, The Viking, M


Lot FF919

FF919 Hair of the Dog Adam 59 2003 1 Liter


Lot FF920

FF920 Anchor Christmas 1999 1.5 Liter

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