Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Valentines Day Pack :

This 3-bottle pack of exceptional products has something for him, her and both. For her we start with a Merlot chocolate infused Port style wine that is sweet and sumptuious. For him we have a barley wine that malty, fruity and hoppy. And for both we have a chocolate stout that is both malty smooth and rich and chocolaty. Not only is it a great pack but you will also save over $5.00 off the retail price, and will be shipped in plenty of time for Valentines Day.


Deschutes Bond Street Hop Henge 22oz:

New label, awesome beer!! Ummmm, hop-elicious. Who cares what this thing looks like; the first thing to hit you as you pour this baby is the resinious, cirtusy pine aroma. It smells like walking into a hop storage cooler. But after that you will notice a big head comes rolling out but does not stay long. The color is deep amber with a copper tint. Now as the more volatile aromas boil off you can notice a fruity orange component as well a hint of crystal malt. The aroma is superb, in fact I am delaying trying a taste just so I can full appreciate its beautiful aroma. The flavors are all about the hops as well. Medium body with a bit grapefruit hop flavor and as that hop hit dies down the flavor moves into a fruity orange and woody hop mélange. Although this has a good hop bitterness it is not overpowering; the malting is just enough to balance the bitterness but not so much as to detract from this awesome hop flavor. For a hop driven beer to get my A+ two thumbs up rating, it has to be complex, balanced, and drinkable. Hop Henge is all that and more.


Full Sail Old Boardhead 2008 22oz:

As usual Full Sail comes out with another fine vintage of Old Boardhead. Amber/orange in color with a small but tight head. Light fruity hop aroma with whiffs of caramel and cake. Soft and malty up front than moves into the fruity hop flavors and finish quite bitter. At the time of this review the IBUs come shining through in the finish; this will calm down quickly in the next few months and settle into a more rounded finish. At 9% and easy smooth, this barley wine will age for a good 5 years plus and is yummily accessible now.


Cascade Lakes Monkey Face Prtr 12oz:

This is a great, very dark brown porter that pours with an ample head but not really any lace. The aroma is of heavily roasted coffee, dark chocolate with a bit of creamy sweetness. It has a medium body and a flavor that has that wonderful roasted barley bite, chocolate and a touch of caramel in the end.


Trentadue Chocolate Amore 375ml:

This decadent merlot style port is infused with chocolate and brought to 18.5%. Fruity and sweet this port style wine rolls over the tongue like velvet and the chocolate is rich and indulgent. This is a dessert that both of you can agree on.

Monday, January 26, 2009


*** Pre-sell for Limited Big Sky ***

Sorry about the delay but it looks like we will not see delivery on the Big Sky “Old Bluehair” Barleywine for a couple of weeks. There is some kind of holdup on the wholesaler’s end. I do not foresee a problem in getting the product, just a delay. If this will be a problem for you please let me know and put “Bluehair” in the subject.



*** Vintage Beers for Sale ***

I will be putting up some Vintage beers for regular sale, not auction. These beers are tracked very closely by our inventory system so we do not over sell them. Also we will not be able to hold these items if there are credit card issues.


Anchor Christmas Ale 2003 12oz:

A limited supply of vintage Anchor is now available.


Sierra Nevada Celebration 2001 12oz:

A limited supply of Sierra Navada"s Celebrations is now in stock.


*** New Beers ***

Both Sherri and I are big fans of Southern Oregon Brewing Co. All of their beers are complex, tasty, well crafted and all without being heavy handed. The S.O.B. (as it is affectionately refer to from a bar stool) Porter is now my favorite domestic porter. The first three in are their main lineup and we hope to see seasonals as they role out. Their Christmas beer “Old Humbug” was the best winter beer on the local scene (Keg only) this year and we can wait for them to do bottles this next October.


Southern Oregon Porter 22oz:

This wonderful porter has a dry finish with chocolate and coffee flavors with just a hint of smoke at the end. It has a nice hop bitterness at 30 IBUs that come from 5 varieties of hops. Great out of the bottle and even better on tap at the Highland Stillhouse (my favorite hangout)


Southern Oregon Pale 22oz:

The Rahr 2 row, Crisp Maris Otter and Castle Special B malts balances perfectly with the 35 IBUs from 7 hop varieties.


Southern Oregon Gold 22oz:

Brewed with lager yeast, this gold is easy but tasty with Challenger, Crystal, Sterling, Perles, and Strisselsplat hops. Very clean and crisp with a light lemony finish.

Friday, January 23, 2009


*** Pre-sell for Limited Big Sky ***

Two of Big Sky’s very limited barrel aged beers seem to have shown up at our local wholesaler. We have never seen these Big Sky brews before and in fact no one really knows they are sitting there. This give us an opportunity to snap them up on my next order on Thursday so I wanted to take orders for them now so we can get what is needed to cover order as well as put some into inventory for future sales. I’m not putting limits on these so feel free to order what you want but it is first come first serve until it is gone.


Big Sky Olde Bluehair 750ml:

I have to admit I have not been able to try this one yet but the reviews are great. Giant wood tones with boozy honey, vanilla and apricot tones from the barrel aging. A dark red/brown color with a prodigious head. Carmel from the malt and pine and resin from the Simcoe hop. I am setting the price the same as the stout but there may be some adjustment up or down when the product comes in. If it is a major difference I will email you so you can decide on the price.


Big Sky Ivan The Terrible 750ml:

Big black stout without being sweet or overly thick. The head is big and tan with plenty of lacing. The aroma and flavor is chocolate, coffee, and cherry, with a bit of bourbon and vanilla. The finish is not dry but not sweet either; it has a sublime mix of flavor to bite and is one well put together Imp. Stout.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


*** New Beers ***


Bridgeport Raven Mad 22oz:

It is an imperial porter by style, inky black in hue and have the coolest 3D label (glasses included) I have ever seen (it’ll peck your eye out!!). The head is light brown and has good retention with some lace. The aroma is big and roasty with dark fruit, vanilla and a touch of leather. The flavor is sweet and chocolaty, highly kilned malts, licorice and grassy hops.


Full Sail SlipKnot IPA 22oz:

This years Slipknot lives up to its moniker of Imperial IPA and then some. It pours golden in color with a tint of copper. The brew was ampped up to 80 IBUs with Warrior, Simcoe, Crystal and Centennial hops. This gives is a powerful bitterness and a citrus/fruity hop flavor. Although they put in some Crystal and Munich malts into it to add some depth I can not say that is a truly BALANCED brew, but if you are a hophead of the highest order you will truly appreciate the skill and hard work John Harris put in to create this beauty.


Erie Ol Red 12oz:

This wee heavy pours brown with a red tint. The aroma is hop fruity and biscuit in malt. The flavor is nutty chocolate with a smooth mouth feel with an alcohol tinge at the end and at 10.1% that is not unexpected.


*** Missed Christmas ***

This just goes to show how ABSOLUTLY chaotic the holiday season was for us. I just found four Christmas beers in the warehouse that never made it to the website. Relive the holiday cheer sip by sip.



Eel River Climax Noel 22oz:

This imperial red pours a dark amber. The head is thick and white with a good lacing. The aroma is flora with caramel malt. Spicy up front with a piney hop and a chewy lightly sweet malt. Not only does it taste good this beer feels good as well. The body is full, soft, and very smooth. Very nice 8% brew.


Laurelwood Vinter Varmer 22oz:

A clear mahogany color with two fingers of head. The aroma is bready/toasty with some fruity hops. The malt flavor is nutty with caramel and the hop flavor is apricot and citrus. This is a tasty warmer that is not as heavy as some and very easy to drink.


Ridgeway Pickled Santa 500ml:

A brilliant copper color with a creamy off white head. The smell is big with the traditional Christmas spices. The flavor is of toasty malt, the aforementioned spices and a touch of hop bitterness at the finish.


Haand Nissefar 500ml:

This dark Norwegian holiday ale pours a very dark brown almost black. The head is tan and small but leaves a good lace. The aroma is of ripe dark fruits, black roasted malts and a hint of molasses. The flavor is of dark chocolate, anise, cherry with a tart fruity finish.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


*** Business Delivery ***

Hey everyone!! I don’t mean to be a buzz-kill but we are experiencing an unusually high number of returned packages. If at all possible please have your orders sent to a business address. This cuts down on breakage, missed deliveries and theft. Some states do require alcohol deliveries to be made to a licensed business and we will be required to enforce this very soon. Required or not it does make delivery quicker and easier for everyone if they can send to a business address.

Missed deliveries are becoming an issue and I do need you to know what Liquid Solutions’ policy is on the issue. Believe me I do want to take care of any problems that do arise but I can not lose money on orders just because someone was not home to accept deliveries. Please visit or FAQ for more details.


JW Lees Harvest Calvados 2006/2007 275ml:

J.W.Lees Vintage Harvest Ale is only brewed once a year for release on December 1 of each year. It is a Limited Edition Vintage to celebrate the first brew from each year"s harvest of barley and hops. Only the first delivery of the year"s classic barley malt "Maris Otter" and the classic hop variety "Goldings" from East Kent is therefore used.
Fermentation is induced by J.W.Lees "distinctive three-strain top-fermenting yeast. J.W.Lees Vintage Harvest Ale reaches 11.5 % alc./vol. once completely attenuated with a natural fermentation in open copper lined fermenting vessels that were commissioned in 1876 when the brew house was refurbished [J.W.Lees has been brewing at Greengate Brewery in Middleton Junction for six generations since 1828].
Pale in color it has a warm, estery aroma, a good deal of malty flavors on the palate, and a lot of hoppy dryness in the finish.

Aged in apple brandy casks. I currently (1/20) have a case of the 2006 but when I reorder I do believe we will get the 2007 vintage. It is first come first serve


Malheur 12 750ml:

This quadruple pours a solid brown with a creamy thin head. The smell is toffee and licorice with a bit of earthiness. The flavor is caramel, anise and raisin with a floral hop. The rich and creamy body is outstanding for its 12%.


Malheur 10 750ml:

Orange in color with a large fluffy white head with some great lacing. The aroma is lightly malty with apple and citrus. The flavor is fruity with orange, peach and apple with a yeasty hint and a touch of alcohol spice.


Green Flash La Freak 22oz:

Yellow orange in color with a touch of haze and two fingers of white head. The aroma is floral with some grapefruit/orange tones. The flavor is citrus hops up front with Belgian yeast notes and a bitter finish.


St Bernardus Pater 6 750ml:

This wonderful Abbey ale is beep brown / red in color. Ample, persistent head with an aroma of chocolate, caramel, and dark fruit. The flavor is big plum and toffee. Another fine Bernardus brew.


*** Limited Supply Available ***


Malheur Dark Brut 750ml:

This oak aged Belgian is dark dark brown in color with a creamy tan head. Its aroma has a sherry quality with a fruity vinous tone, vanilla and a touch of oak. The flavor has coffee, cherries, apricot and earthy wood tones. Big prickly carbonation with 12%.


Malheur Brut Reserve 750:

This oak aged brew has an aroma that is big with peach, floral, orange, vanilla, lemon and a grassy herbal hop. The flavor fruity with apple, pear and a peppery spiciness with clove and cardamom. More hops than I expected and big dry finish with high carbonation that has a fluffy pillowy mouth feel.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


*** Auctions ***

If this is your first Liquid Solutions Auction please read the FAQ.

The FAQ can be found here

The auction site is at

Bidding for these lots will begin Friday at 12:00pm Pacific and will end on Monday at the following times but only after active bidding has ended.

Lot BF05 7:00pm Pacific
Lot BF06 7:10pm Pacific
Lot BF07 7:20pm Pacific
Lot BF08 7:30pm Pacific


Lot BF05

3 Hair of the Dog Rose Cassis 2005.
This is Hair of the Dog’s “Rose” with black current added. Although the color turned out a bit ruddy the flavor was fabulously fruity and intense.


Lot BF06

3 Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws 2002


Lot BF07

Bridgeport Old Knucklehead 1992
Bridgeport Old Knucklehead 1993


Lot BF08

2 Victory “Old Horizontal” 2003
2 Sierra Nevada “Celebration” 2000
2 Portland Brewing “Bobby Dazzler” 2002

For those who don’t know (and I’m sure that is most of you) Bobby Dazzler was the winter warmer from Portland Brewing. Brown rich and hoppy, sadly it is no longer made.


*** Back In Stock ***


Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye 22oz:

This rye IPA beer has a deep amber color and pours with a great foamy head. The aroma is piney hop with a touch of grapefruit along with a nice spicy rye note. The mouth feel is big and creamy but the hops are bitter and assertive. The flavor is big hops and piquant rye.


North Coast Old Stock Ale 2008 12oz:

This 11.7% powerhouse is a brew to be reckoned with. It is great now and will be awesome one to three years from now so do not be afraid to put some up (I know I will).
Pours hazy brown with a tint of copper. The aroma is of toasty malt, a whiff of smoke and dark dried fruit. Malty and a touch sweet up front with a fruity mid-pallet and at this point it has a dry hop bitterness at the end which should mellow out nicely with age. This is definitely a grade A beer that should be part of anyone’s beer cellar.


Flying Dog Gonzo Porter 12oz::

This is a most excellent 9% massive Baltic porter. Big and strong with a huge coffee and hop flavor, this inky black Baltic is not as sweet as its Polish and Russian counterparts but is just as strong and aggressive in flavor. What sets it apart is the big grassy hop flavor to go with all of those dark roasted malts. This beer commemorates the death of Hunter S. Thomson with the label done by Ralph Stedman.

Monday, January 12, 2009


*** Getting Back to Normal ***

WOW!!!!! The last four weeks have been a complete nightmare. I am sorry about things being so quiet lately but we have been trying to dig ourselves out of what were the worst shipping conditions in the 7 years we have been doing this. Don’t get me wrong the holidays for the Maples family was chocked full of fun, friends and fellowship but for Liquid Solutions is was a detrimental confusion of sub freezing temperature for weeks on end, delayed Christmas shipments, massive “Out of Stocks” because of the lack of brewery trucks making it into the area, broken beers bottles from them freezing solid, and a pissed off FedEx due to the large number of broken packages.

I do thank you all for being so understanding. We are slowly returning to normal but we are still a tad behind our delivery schedule. If I was unable to get to your email requests during this cacophony of confusion I am truly sorry. As things are getting back to normal I will try to get to everyone but the amount of email is staggering. Well, enough of my whining. Lets get to the beer!!!!


*** New Beers ***


Alaskan Barleywine 2008 22oz:

*** We should see a second shipment of this in about two weeks so if you get an out of stock please hold tight*** (written 1-7)

This A+ brew pours a rich brown with a red tint. The aroma is sweet with cookie dough and chocolate with dark fruit. The head pours well but falls rather quickly. The flavor is toasty up front with sweet malt, plum and raisin fruitiness. The finish is spicy with modest but well balanced hop bitterness. This award winning barleywine should age for 5 years easy and only get better and smother through the years. This barleywine is now in my top three of all time. It has it all flavor, balance and than non-abrasive oomph that is the mark of well-made barleywine. Sure there are stronger, hoppier, or maltier ones but none pull it all together quite as well as Alaskan.


Nogne O Dark Horizon 2nd Edition 500ml:

The 2nd Edition is a pitch black Imperial Stout that is a powerful brew. The aroma is rummy with chocolate, dark fruit and coffee. The flavor is of massive roasted barley with its smoky coffee tones, along with bitter chocolate and dried fruit. The flavor is aggressive as is the 17.5% alcohol. This will age beautifully for a very long time. Enjoy it down or enjoy it 8 years from now, either way it will be a treat you will not forget.


Stone Cali-Belgie 22oz:

This Belgian style IPA pours a clear golden color with a brilliant white head. The head has good retention and some lacing. The aroma is hop floral, indistinct fruity character from the yeast and lightly sweet malt. The flavor is a good blend of what you expect from Stone, hoppy with pine and citrus paired with the fruity and lightly sweet golden character of a good Belgian. Very limited quantity.


Firestone Reserve Robust Porte 22oz:

This tasty porter pours a deep brown with a finger or two of head. The smell is roasty and chocolaty. The flavor is bready with cocoa and a ting of black malt.


*** Back In Stock ***


Dogfish Head World Wide Stout 12 oz:

At 18% makes this the strongest dark beer in the world. A very heavy, thick, sweet stout that has a very big roasty flavor and a hop presence that is not shy. This beer has tons of flavor but needs to be served cold. At cooler temperatures it is easy to enjoy all of the sweet roasty goodness, when it warms up a bit the 18% starts to get in the way of this very enjoyable beer. Just make sure and sit down first then open this beer.

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