Wednesday, April 29, 2009


*** Now Available ***


Hair of the Dog Blue Dot 22 oz:

It"s back, get while the getting is good!!! Hair of the Dog “Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale”. It pours a golden orange color, the head and carbonation are low but as this was just bottled I’m sure both will increase very soon. The nose is citrusy with tangerine and grapefruit with a touch of caramel. The flavor is HUGE and hoppy without being too bitter.

The drinkability is great and it should age well given that it has plenty of malt to make things interesting as the hops mellow with age. I plan to put a few down and see where it goes.


Dogfish Head Burton Baton 12oz:

This 10% oak aged Imperial IPA pours a deep golden orange color. It has a citrusy hop character with oak and floral tones. Plenty of balancing malt up front with a dry floral hop bitterness at the end. It is one more notch on the awesome beer count for Dogfish Head.


Pike Old Bawdy 2007 22oz:

This is one hell of a barley wine. This beer pours a tawny brown with a good head. It has a malt and fruitiness like a Full Sail Old Broardhead but more hop presence than a Rogue Old Crustacean. You get a malty caramel hit up front with a light fruitiness then a powerfully bitter hop finish. It states a 90 IBU rating but this beer has more apparent bitterness than most 100 IBU beers I’ve tasted. The big hops and the 10% alcohol will allow this barley wine to age beautifully for 10 years plus.


Allagash Hugh Malone 750ml:

For those of you out there who are not total beer geeks, this beers name is a pun on humulone. Humulones are the orangey, soft resin in hops that is primarily responsible for the bittering properties of the hops. This Belgain style IPA pours a hazy orange with a dense sticky head. The flavor is fruity, lemony, and spicy like a good Belgian, with a pronounced woody, piney hop hit like a good IPA. Very limited, get it while you can.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Deschutes Mirror Mirror 22oz:

Now taking pre-orders for Deschutes barley wine “Mirror Mirror”. Our first shipment will be arriving on the 29th. There is no limit on purchases.

From the brewery.......

Deschutes Brewery"s - 2009 Reserve

Mirror Mirror, the flavorful brew that officially kicked off our Reserve Series back in 2006, is returning due to popular demand by both our brewers and our fans. Mirror Mirror is an inspired version of the brewery’s flagship, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, which has been doubled up to barley wine strength – yielding a rich malt base with hints of raisin and oak tinged with the slightest citrus hop aroma.

After its initial release we kept a small stash of Mirror Mirror in a hidden corner of the warehouse, sending a few kegs here and there to select festivals. We also tapped a few kegs for special occasions at both our Bend and Portland pubs. From this, beer enthusiasts discovered this unique beer, and a loyal following was born.

Monday, April 20, 2009


*** New Beers ***


Stone Sublinely Self-Righteous Ale 22oz:

This Black IPA / American Strong Ale is yet another fine brew from Stone. It pours black (really a very dark brown) with a medium head. The aroma is very hoppy with pine, and citrus rind, other scents include a light fruitiness and coffee from the dark malts. The flavor up front is of resinious hops then moves into the dark roasty malt. There is a bit of sweetness but the finish is of that Stone style bitterness.


Stone Imperial Russian Stout 22oz:

Hello comrades! Stones 2009 Imperial Russian is as good as ever. Inky black and as thick and rich as ever. This strong (10.5%) massive beer has a plum, licorice and coffee aroma. Its flavor is roasty with a black current fruity character. In other words it is everything you want out of an Imperial Stout. So now that your taxes are signed and sent in, enjoy a wonderful pint of Stone I.R.S.


*** Back In Stock ***


Stone Cali-Belgie 22oz:

This Belgian style IPA pours a clear golden color with a brilliant white head. The head has good retention and some lacing. The aroma is hop floral, indistinct fruity character from the yeast and lightly sweet malt. The flavor is a good blend of what you expect from Stone, hoppy with pine and citrus paired with the fruity and lightly sweet golden character of a good Belgian. Very limited quantity. .


Midnight Sun Arctic Devil 22oz:

Folks, this is one of my absolute favorite barley wines. This one is soooooo intense and malty. I would almost call this one an “Old Ale” instead of a “Barley Wine”. Totally malt driven. Malty, rich and smooth with some fruity tones and more alcohol that the flavor lets on. For More Info…


*** Beer Shippers ***

I have been getting request to sell the boxes I ship orders in. They work great, can be reused and are perfect for trades or competition submissions.


Shipping Box 6x22oz:

This box and inserts is designed to ship six 22oz, 500ml, or 750ml bottles. It includes the box and three recyclable / reusable PET plastic inserts.


Shipping Box 12 x 22oz:

This box and inserts is designed to ship twelve 22oz, 500ml, or 750ml bottles. It includes the box and five recyclable / reusable PET plastic inserts.


Shipping Box 6x12oz:

This box and inserts is designed to ship twelve 12oz, 330ml, or 375ml bottles. It includes the box and three recyclable / reusable PET plastic inserts.


Shipping Box 12x12oz

This box and inserts is designed to ship twelve 12oz, 330ml, or 375ml bottles. It includes the box and five recyclable / reusable PET plastic inserts.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


*** New Beers ***


The Bruery Saison Rue 750ml:

This Saison pours a golden orange with a slight haze. The head is about a half inch thick and has good staying power. The aroma is lightly sweet with spicy yeast and a touch of brett. The flavor is fruity and flora up front with some earthy funkiness and a dry finish.


Caldera Ashland Amber 12oz:

This canned micro pours an expect amber color with two fingers of off white head. The aroma is of pale malt, a hint of caramel with grassy and pine hops. The flavor starts with a well-developed malt backbone that has a touch of breadiness. The hops provide a balanced bitterness with herbal and pine flavors.


*** Back In Stock ***


Olfabrikken Porter 22oz:

This is one of the most impressive beers I have had in a long time. Big, rich, complex and strong brew from Denmark. Baltic Porter style in flavor with tones of sweet chocolate, and molasses, heavy roasted and coffee tones as well. Hints of caramel, star anise and dark fruit add to the pantheon of flavors. A+ in my book.


Bridgeport Hop Czar Imperial IPA 22oz:

Wow!!!! Hops, hops, hops, hop, hops and more hops. This imperial IPA pours a rich gold with a touch of copper. The head is small and tight. The aroma is of floral and fruity hops. The flavor is of citrus and berry hop with a bitter mid pallet and a finish that is dry and MASSIVELY bitter. Needless to say it is all about the hops and all about the bitter. It is aptly names the “Hop Czar” also see “Hop Emperor”, “Hop tyrant”, and “Hop Suzerian”.


Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron 12oz:

This 12% wood aged brown ale pours a chocolate brown color with mahogany edges and a stick light brown head that falls to thin layer. The aroma is fig/prune with hints of wood and vanilla. The flavor is lightly roasty with chocolate, dark fruit, vanilla and a small earthy wood. I could see this beer aging well into the 5 to 10 year range. There are not many beers out there that I can say that about but this has the power, complexity and the aggressive malt profile that will stand the test of time. If you have the fortitude, wax dip a few of these and forget about them for 5 or 6 years, and see if I’m right. I know that’s what I plan to do. Below is the description from Dogfish Head…..

An unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented brown ale aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels. The caramel and vanilla complexity unique to this beer comes from the exotic Paraguayan Palo Santo wood from which these tanks were crafted. Palo Santo means "holy tree" and it"s wood has been used in South American wine-making communities.

This beer is a 12% abv, highly roasty, and malty brown ale aged on the Palo Santo wood.


Dogfish Head Midas Touch 12oz:

Is it beer? Is it a mead? Is it wine? All I know is it is a wild and crazy historical brew. A brew based on the analysis done on the remnants found in the cup of King Midas himself. It has great flavor, great aroma and a great story that can be found at Try it yourself and be Touched. 9%

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


*** Beer Auctions ***

As always....
Bidding will start as soon as the lots are posted.

If this is your first Liquid Solutions Auction please read the FAQ.

The FAQ can be found here

The auction site is at

Lot BF17 2 bottles Hair of the Dog Fred 1 1994 Ends Monday 13th 7:00PM
Lot BF18 2 bottles Hair of the Dog Fred 1 1994 Ends Monday 13th 7:10PM
Lot BF19 Ommegang Three Philiosophers 2003 Ends Monday 13th 7:15PM
Lot BF20 Pumping Iron's Governator Ends Monday 13th 7:20PM
Lot BF21 3 bottles Deschutes Jubel 2000 Ends Monday 13th 7:30PM


Lot BF17 2 bottles Hair of the Dog Fred 1 1994

Starting bid $23.20


BF18 2 bottles Hair of the Dog Fred 1 1994

Starting bid $23.20


Lot BF19 Ommegang Three Philiosophers 2003

Starting bid $16.75


Lot BF20 Pumping Iron's Governator

Starting bid $9.50


Lot BF21 3 bottles Deschutes Jubel 2000

Stating bid $23.75


*** Vintage Beer For Sale ***


Anchor Christmas Ale 2002 12oz:

A small quantity of Anchor Christmas 2002 now available.


Sierra Nevada Celebration 2000 12oz:

A small quantity of Sierra Nevada Celebration 2000 now available.


*** New Beers ***


Alaskan White 12oz:

Belgian wit in style, it is a hazy gold color and pours with two fingers of creamy foam. The aroma is all orange and coriander with an underlying wheat. The flavor wheat tart with fruity orange tone and a perfume spice finish. The hops are light (as per style) and provide a touch of bitterness to chase down the spices.


Full Sail Keelhauler 22oz:

This Scottish style ale is from their “Brewmaster Reserve” line. It pours reddish brown with a medium high head. The aroma is chocolaty malt and peaty smoke with herbal hops. The flavor is caramel, smoke, gassy hops with a medium hop bitterness at the end.


Capital Blonde Doppelbock 12oz:

It’s appearance is light copper/amber and the head is big and fluffy. The aroma is sweet with a touch of fruit and toasted malt. The flavor is all about the malt with Munich malt flavors, nutty and a hint of honey. The hops are low and the finish is matly with a insinuation of alcohol. It has a great creamy body and is 7.8%.


*** Back In Stock ***


Green Flash Barley Wine 22oz:

At 10% this beer pours a medium brown with a thin but persistant head. The aroma is pine/citrus in hop and toffee in malt. The flavor has a sweet caramel malt to it and a leafy earthy hop. It has a good solid bitterness to back up the sweet flavor so it doesn’t end sticky.


Dogfish Head Aprihop 12oz:

Okay, those whacko geniuses over at Dogfish Head are at it again. This time it is an IPA with Apricots added. Deep amber in color with a piney hop aroma and apricot fruitiness that work very well together. Nice medium body gives it a good mouth feel. The sweeter fruit flavors are quickly put into check by the bitterness from the resiny hops. I know this sounds rather weird but it all pulls together in one damn fine fruit beer - and let"s face it, there are not too many damn fine fruit beers out there.


Alaskan Summer Ale 12oz:

Light refreshing kolsch style ale. Light gold in color with a nice malt aroma with a whiff of spicy hops. Crisp in character with a toasty malt flavor and a flowery hop finish. It really is aptly named as it is a great summer ale.

Monday, April 06, 2009


*** Brewery Highlight ***

De Struise is considered by many to be one of Belgium’s premier microbrewers (myself included). They consistently put out beers that are strong, aggressively flavored and highly sought after. This is a brewery that has AVERAGED an “A” rating across their entire product line on (which is not an easy thing to do). If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing one of their top-notch brew I suggest starting with the Pannepot.



De Struise Earthmonk 330ml:

The Earth Monk being an Oud Bruin pours a brownish red with a medium size head that has some good staying power. The aroma is woody with fruity cherry and a good spicy clove. The flavor is very tart and fruity with hit of grape, oak, cherries, vanilla, and it has malt of caramel and nut. The finish is of light hop and a dry tart lactic.


De Struise Pannepot 330ml:

Pannepot is a wonderfully spiced, 10% dark Belgian brew that is everything I expect out of an exceptional Belgian and more. Dark brown in color this beer pours with a massive meringue like head. Sweet fruity aromas that come across fig, pear with spicy notes of cinnamon and a whiff of licorice. The flavor is malty with a touch of sweetness; fig is a major flavor with brown sugar, and hints of chocolate and clove. Great creamy mouth feel and the 10% does not get in the way. A+


De Struise Tsjeeses 330ml:

This winter Belgian is exactly what I expect out of one of the finest craft breweries in Belgium. Big sweet, fruity with a spice hit. The color is a yellow orange with two fingers worth of head. The aroma is sweet with spicy coriander, orange and ginger. The flavor is sweet and a tad doughy with cherry and prunes. The spice comes through in the flavor as well and also includes a bit of clove, cardamom and hop bitterness. DO NOT serve this cold or you will end up with a metallic taste, you have been warned!


De Struisse Wit 330ml:

This Belgian Wit pours a golden straw color wit a giant frothy head. The aroma is wheaty with a touch of orange. The flavor is tart with a big fruity orange and just a hint of coriander. Rather low in bitterness but the big fruitiness makes it totally refreshing.


*** Back In Stock ***

Goose Island Bourbon County 12oz:

This imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels is big strong and tasty. This inky black stout pours with a dense brown head. The aroma and flavor are huge and maybe a little overwhelming. Notes of sweet chocolate bourbon, figs, prunes, roasted malts with a bit of an alcohol kick. But don’t just take my word for it, see what the guys at Beer Advocate have to say…

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


*** Limited Quantities Now Available ***


Deschutes The Abyss 2007 22oz:

Limited quantities of 2007 Deschutes “The Abyss” are now available. There is a limit of 2 bottles per orderas we would like to spread these around. Any order with more than 2 will be edited before shipping.


Are you prepared to jump head long into The Abyss??? This beer has sooooo much going on it takes several sips to get a handle on it all. First and foremost it is an imperial stout of the highest caliber. Not sweet, this 11% stout has only a hint a caramel. The predominant flavors are of roasted barley, licorice, and molasses. Light bitter hop finish with a bit of a drying bite from the black malts and licorice and a spicy alcohol hit at the end. If that were not enough all of this has been aged in French oak and Bourbon casks. The oak an bourbon tones meld perfectly with the molasses and roasty flavors, none predominating the other. Superb A++.

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