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Resurrection of

Alas Liquid Solutions Inc. as a business entity is dead and buried but the website and purveyor of world-class beer lives on under the new ownership of Sixteen Tons LLC located in Eugene Oregon. We hope to have a great selection available shortly so as to continue to provide you with the great beers you expect from

I (Matt Maples) will be providing reviews, blogs, and all out beer commentary as usual.




It is that time once again. What started as a small surprise 80th birthday party for world-renowned beer writer Fred Eckhardt is coming back around in its fifth year as one of the most anticipated beer events of the year. As always, 100% of the proceeds from FredFest and the related auctions will go to a charity of Fred's choice. This year, Fred has named the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as the 2010 recipient of the fest.

As stated above has been resurrected just in time to pitch in for the online FredFest auction. If you want to bid on any of these wonderful beers just click on

and follow the ”Auction” link on the upper left side of the screen. Bidding will start on Saturday evening 5/8/10 and start closing 6:00pm Pacific 5/15/10. Check lot details for specific closing times.

Due the ownership change at please do not order any additional items when claiming your Fred Fest auction. The auction items are being shipped out of the Hair of the Dog Brewery and Alan will not be able to include any additional beers.


Lot FF10-01 Hair of the Dog “Dave”

One bottle of Hair of the Dog “Dave” 375ml.

Well this just may be the very last bottle of 1994 Dave to ever go up on auction. Alan says there is very little left. This ULTRA rare 29% brew has reached an almost Holy Grail status, many go looking for it but almost never found. A+ at Beer Advocate.


Lot FF10-02 Deschutes 10 bottle “Premium”

One Jubel 2000 750ml with box.
One Jubel 2010 22oz
One Double Bale Quail 750ml with Box
One bottle each Abyss 2007, 2008, 2009 22oz
One bottle Black Butte XX 22oz
One bottle Black Butte XXI 22oz
One bottle The Dissident 2008 22oz
One bottle Mirror Mirror Barleywine 2009
This is a beer cellar in just one lot. Verticals, gift boxes, and rare items all in one.


Lot FF10-03 Cascade Brewing

One bottle Cuve’e Du Jongleur Belgian Blend 750ml
One bottle The Vine (grape) NW Style Sour 750ml
One bottle Blackberry Flanders Style 750ml
One bottle each Apricot Flanders Style 2008, 2009 750ml
One bottle each Kriek NW Style Sour 2008, 2009 750ml
One Bottle Vlad the Imp Ale 750ml

If you are into barrel ages sour ale you can not pass this up.


Lot FF-04 Hair of the Dog two rare and nine year vertical.

One bottle Cherry Adam from the Wood 2009 12oz
One bottle Matt 12oz
One bottle each Doggie Claws 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007, 2008, 2009 12oz
Anyone who has ever tried Hair of the Dog beers know that their beers age with grace and beauty; improving every step of the way. The barrel aging on the Matt and Adam create such deep complexity it has to be tasted to be believed.


Lot FF10-05 Midnight Sun “Crew Brews”

Midnight Sun “Crew Brews”
One bottle Brewtality Espresso Black22oz
One bottle Cosmic Black Wit 22oz
One bottle Faharwass Pilsner 22oz
One bottle Anchor Brett Wit 22oz
One bottle Big Slick Barleywine 22oz
One bottle Bathtub Gin Gruit with Juniper Berries 22oz
One bottle Rumbah Double Style in Run Barrels 22oz
One bottle Descent Imperial Abbey 22oz
One bottle Because 22oz. (to be shipped when released)

This is a COMPLETE set of the “Crew Brews” series that Midnight Sun did over a nine-month period. They cover a wide range of style and all received great reviews. The “Because” beer has not been released yet and will be shipped separately as soon as it come out of the barrel.

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