Friday, May 07, 2010


Lot FF10-05 Midnight Sun “Crew Brews”

Midnight Sun “Crew Brews”
One bottle Brewtality Espresso Black22oz
One bottle Cosmic Black Wit 22oz
One bottle Faharwass Pilsner 22oz
One bottle Anchor Brett Wit 22oz
One bottle Big Slick Barleywine 22oz
One bottle Bathtub Gin Gruit with Juniper Berries 22oz
One bottle Rumbah Double Style in Run Barrels 22oz
One bottle Descent Imperial Abbey 22oz
One bottle Because 22oz. (to be shipped when released)

This is a COMPLETE set of the “Crew Brews” series that Midnight Sun did over a nine-month period. They cover a wide range of style and all received great reviews. The “Because” beer has not been released yet and will be shipped separately as soon as it come out of the barrel.

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