Wednesday, April 25, 2007


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Brasserie des Roc Sampler :

One each of des Roc"s 750ml beers. Save 5% over the single bottle price.

1 Brasserie des Rocs Brune 750ml
1 Brasserie des Rocs Grand Cru 750ml
1 Brasserie des Rocs Amber 750ml 750ml
1 Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale 750ml
1 Brasserie des Rocs Blond 750ml 750ml
1 Brasserie Des Rocs Blanch Double 750ml



Brasserie des Rocs Grand Cru 750ml:

From Brasserie des Rocs has a rich, complex fruit aroma of cherries, golden raisins, peaches, and assorted dried fruits, laced with honey and caramel. The taste is smooth with rich flavors reminiscent of cherries dipped in caramel, finishing with notes of chocolate, roasted almonds, and a hint of molasses.


Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale

Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale 750ml:

Red brown in color with a big, long lasting off white head. The aroma is sweet, gingery, plumb, and cake. The flavor is complex with figs, currents, spicy nutmeg, with toffee and cake.



Brasserie des Rocs Blond

Brasserie des Rocs Blond 750ml 750ml:

This is an excellent example of the style. Deep gold in color with a thick persistent head. The aroma is of herbal and earthy hops. The flavor is lemon and pepper with a vague fruit mid pallet with a spritzy dry finish.



Brasserie Des Rocs Blanch Double

Brasserie Des Rocs Blanch Double 750ml:

This is my absolute favorite Wit beer. The big flavor and 6% put it far above most wit and even edges out classic Hoegaarden. Hazy orange in color with a huge persistent head. The aroma is big with orange, peach and coriander. The taste is big wheaty with a zesty orange.The gingery coriander is up front and a mellow yeasty finish. The texture is smooth with a big mouthfeel. A+ in my book.



Brasserie des Rocs Amber

Brasserie des Rocs Amber 750ml 750ml:

Deep dark orange in color with a medium creamy head. Yeasty aroma with plum and citrusy fruity tones and a touch of spice. The flavor is sweet, malty and spicy with dark fruits and apricot jam.



Brasserie des Rocs Brune

Brasserie des Rocs Brune 750ml:

From Brasserie des Rocs is a pure malt beer, with no added sugar, 7 types of malts are used and 3 different kind of hops. This classic brew pours a garnet color with a sudsy, foamy head. The aroma is sweet fruit of cherries and banana with a touch of graininess. The flavor is of tart cherries, light caramel with a vague cinnamon spice. Classic Belgian Brune.


Zinnebir Blond

Zinnebir Blond 750ml:

Hazy peach in color with a big, very tight head. The aroma is of earthy, lemony hops and tart apple. The flavor is citrus, pepper with a tropical fruitiness. Fluffy mouth feel with a dry finish.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Full Sail, Sea Dog, and Shipyard

*** New Beers ***

Full Sail Nugget 22oz:

This "Special Red Ale" pours a beautiful garnet red. The head start well and linger for a time before settling in. The aroma is malty with a spicy / earthy hop aroma. The malty sweetness in the front gives way to the citrus hop bitterness at the end. A great beer start to finish as you pallet goes from hoppy to malty then back to hoppy bitter at the finish.

Full Sail LTD 02 Lager 120z:

… From the Brewery …
The newly designed bottle labels describe LTD Bottling 02, as a light-bodied nonetheless hella good limited edition lager. LTD 02 registers "Pale" on the "Malt-O-Meter" that is featured on the six packs. The "Malt-O-Meter" will also tell you that LTD 02 is a nicely balanced, golden colored lager with soft malt undertones, and a crisp clean finish. Novice and hardcore beer enthusiasts alike, will enjoy the bottom of the six-pack that features an easy to read chart of "Today"s Recipe," including hop (Czech Saaz, Styrian Goldings) and malt varieties (2 row pale, caramel, Vienna and wheat), plato (16 degrees), I.B.U. (34), alcohol by volume (6.4) and any special ingredients.

Golden Valley Geist Bock 12oz:

This spring seasonal lager from Golden Valley pour golden with tints of amber. The medium head falls thin covering. The flavor is lightly malty with earthy grassy hops. It has a nice full body with a carbonation prickle at the end. The flavor is malty with a hint of cherry fruit with a light bitter finish. A great beer to help you make that transition from heavy winter brews to those light summer quenchers.

Shipyard IPA 12oz:

Golden amber in color with a frothy head that leaves good lace. The aroma is fruity and floral with a touch of butterscotch. Crisp and fruity with some caramel and toffee. The finish is bitter and leafy.

Shipyard Old Thumper 12oz:

This ESB is amber / brown in color. The aroma is malty with a fruity ester and a touch of earthy hop. Just what you would expect out of a good ESB. Toasty biscuit malt sweetness and a bit of graininess. Well balanced hop flavor and bitterness and fruity yeast . I find myself always enamored with a good domestic ESB and go back to Old Thumper time and again.

Shipyard Export 12oz:

American Pale Ale style; light copper in color. Light pine hop aroma. Light in body with touch of amber malts.

Sea Dog Old East India IPA 12oz:

Copper in color with a thin buy lacey head. Orange fruity hops aromas with a touch of fruit (pear??) Nutty bready malt with dry leafy hops. Warming mouth feel with a sweeter malt than most IPAs.

Sea Dog River Diver Porter 12oz:

Big nutty aroma boils off this brown / red porter. The soft bubbly head lasts for a time. Roasted malt and hazelnut fight for dominate flavor and the small hop showing at the end makes it end well.

Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat 12oz:

Golden with a smell of blueberry muffins. Although the blueberry flavor dominates, it is not over the top. Best blueberry ale I have to date.

Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale 12oz:

Golden in color with a sweet raspberry aroma. Creamy body with malty and sweet graininess. Light tangy raspberry and a tinge of hops to the finish.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Midnight Sun Conspiracy

Midnight Sun Conspiracy 22oz:

I am always glad to see new Midnight Sun beers come though the door, they never disappoint. This Belgian style beauty pours an inky black with a foamy tan head. The aroma is sweet with a substantial prune / raisin and a hint of star anise. Great mouth feel, velvety soft up front with a medium high body (but in no way syrupy) with the high carbonation kicking in at the end giving a prickly end. The flavor is lightly sweet with dark fruit, star anise and pepper mid to finish and the light hop bitterness kicks in right about the time the carbonation prickles up at the end. Superb showing from Midnight Sun. Serve this beer at 55 degrees or warmer; serving this cold is considered a class A beer felony.

Here is what the brewery has to say about Conspiracy
* 8.5% Alcohol By Volume
* 25 International Bittering Units (IBUs)
Conspiracy Belgian-style Black Beer is the result of a collaboration between Midnight Sun brewers Gabe Fletcher and Ben Johnson and Pelican Pub (Pacific City, OR) brewer Ben Love. These brewers conspired during barley wine fest week to brew up a deviously delicious dark Belgian-style beer.
Conspiracy is opaque black with a creamy beige head. Black malt shrouds it in mystery; the Belgian yeast imparts intriguing flavor; the alcohol adds danger. If you"re up for this mission, watch your back.

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Fish Tale Leviathan

Fish Tale Leviathan 22oz:

A wonderful barley wine with caramel malty tone, with a citrusy, piney hop character that will mellow nicely with age. This is one that I consistently find enjoyable whether fresh or well aged it just ends up one fine beer. 10%

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Russell Farm House

Jack Russell Farm House 12oz:

This is an excellent domestic saison style brew. Golden orange in color with a medium head. The aroma is fruity with leather and spice. The flavor is lightly malty with an orange fruitiness along with a slight herbal woody mustiness that makes a saison a saison.

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Henry Weinhards Organic Amber

Henry Weinhards Organic Amber 12oz:

I always have a soft spot in my heart for Henrys, it was the brand I grew up on. My first enjoyable beer experiences were with Henrys in my hand. This new brew is (not surprisingly) amber in color with a light malty aroma. The flavor has a nutty quality to it and a fruity hop character. It is organic to boot.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Stone Imperial Russian Stout 22oz:

Hello comrades! Stones 2007 Imperial Russian is as good as ever. Inky black and as thick and rich as ever. This strong (10.8%) massive beer has a plum, licorice and coffee aroma. Its flavor is roasty with a black current fruity character. In other words it is everything you want out of an Imperial Stout. I was allotted 10 cases so get while the getting’s good.

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Hales Troll Porter

Hales Troll Porter 22oz:

Dark brown with a tinge of red and a thin tan head. The aroma is roasty with coffee and a bit of chocolate. The flavor is of roasted malt and coffee with a nice long finish. Its dry character and medium body makes for a very drinkable porter; a 22ozer that I can finish myself and not want to share.



Stone Pale Ale

Stone Pale Ale 12oz:

Dark amber in color it pours with a thin head. The aroma is hop floral with a fruity orange nose. A very nice spicy hop flavor up front, malty and citrus in the mid pallet and a small but lingering bitter finish. Excellent pale.



Hinano Tahiti

Hinano Tahiti 12oz:

This brilliant yellow gold lager pours with a two finger sudsy head that leaves some lacing. Lightly grainy sweet with a herbal hop flavor and a light grassy bitter finish. (Sold by the case only.)



Freeminer Trafalgar IPA

Freeminer Trafalgar IPA 500ml:

This bottle conditioned IPA pours a deep amber color with a creamy persistent head. The aroma is of Goldings hops with a touch of fruitiness. The flavor is of lightly sweet malt (Maris Otter??) and a good bitterness from the Goldings. The bottle conditioning makes for a full body and creamy mouth feel.


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