Friday, December 14, 2007


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As of 5:15 our host company got their router back up and we seem to be working just fine. I am very sorry for any problems this may have caused but they are fixed now.

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12/14/2007 11:18AM it seems that our web host has a major router problem and our website is not accessible at the moment. Hopefully it will be back up shortly. Please check back.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


*** Christmas Cutoff ***

Dec. 10th at 2:00pm Pacific is our cutoff time for Christmas delivery. This has to do with our delivery cycle to get products back in stock and FedEx’s ability to get shipments to the east coast. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to get everything delivered before Christmas, even those after the 10th. But we can not guarantee any package after cutoff.



*** New Beers ***

Some of the Mikkellers are rather limited. If they come back out of stock please try again on Thursday, as that is when I will (Hopefully) be getting more.


Mikkeller Santas Little Helper 750ml:

This 11% quadruple style is a tasty powerhouse. It pours a dark amber with aromas ranging from tropical, cookie dough, and figs. Its flavor is of caramel, brown sugar, plums and spice. A big yummy dessert beer.


Mikkeller To From 750ml:

This big porter pours a black brown with a big brown head. The aroma is sweet with spice, licorice and chocolate. The flavor starts with dark chocolate and roasted malt. The spices kick and are accompanied by vanilla and spruce. To: From: is an excellent beer that anyone would appreciate as a gift.


Mikkeller Big Worse 375ml:

Mekkeller’s 12% barley wine is an excellent product that straddles “drinkable now” and “excellent ageing potential” well. Most of us beer geeks and handle (and enjoy) the big hops you tend to find in young American barley wines (“Big Foot”, “Old Crustacean”, “Old Horizontal”) but make no mistake, the Danish brew has that plus a big sweet malt bill that is chewy and tasty. I served it at about 60 degrees and the fig, date, caramel and chocolate come screaming through. The hops do their part at the end to calm things down and ready you for another sip. Yes there is a spicy (but not hot) alcohol kick but maybe that will age out. This one will age 5 easy maybe into the 7 to 10 range. The cage and cork (synthetic not natural) should slow oxidation wile it matures over the long haul.


Mikkeller Black Hole 375ml:

This coffee brewed imperial stout is as black as night and has a thin tan head. It has a wonderful aroma of coffee (duh!!) dark chocolate, bready malts and plenty of pine / orange/ grapefruit hops. The flavor has a medium high bitterness with the fore mentioned flavors. The 13% does come through in both the aroma and flavor but the flavor profile is high enough to withstand it. This one should age beautifully with the alcohol and hops smoothing out and the coffee and dark malt coming forward.


Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza 750ml:

Dark brown with a ting of red. The aroma is of port wine, grape skins, plums, spice and their usual funk. Sweeter on the malt at this point (but Jolly P. beers tend to dry out in the bottle over time) with big plum cherry fruitiness. Tart woody funkiness works alongside dry spiciness.


Thiriez Biere de Noel 750ml:

I’m not too sure I could call this a winter warmer as some do. I guess I would call it a Christmas Saison. It has the spiced caramel / chocolate tones like a winter warmer but the lighter body and the slight tart, earthiness of a Saison. Tasty, subtle (compared to many winters) and complex this beer has my vote for a good starter beer for the upcoming holiday party.


Nils Oscar Kalasol 330ml:

This “Fest” beer pours a deep copper orange color with a bubbly head. The aroma is toasted grain, caramelized sugar and flowers. The flavor is malty nutty with grassy citrus hops. The finish lingers nutty grassy and dry.


Oppigards Well Hopped Lager 500ml:

This lager pours with a frothy head, and herbal/grassy hop aroma. The flavor is lightly grainy malty up from with the hop flavors quickly rolling over it then finishing in an enjoyable bitterness.


Oppigards Winter Ale 500ml:

Deep ruby in color this winter ale pours with an ample head. The character in both aroma and flavor is caramel, cocoa, and lemony/herbal hops with bit of roastiness in the finish.


Oppigards Golden Ale 500ml:

Gold with a tint of copper. Grassy aroma with a hint of apple. Creamy slightly sweet malt
with a dry hop bitterness with a little touch of spice at the end.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


*** Featured Wines ***


Two Hands Bella s Garden 2005 Shiraz 750ml:

Rated 95 by Wine Spectator and #5 in WS top 100. Rich and complex, this is layered with green olive, mint, mineral and licorice around a plump core of black cherry and dark plum flavors which lingler on the intense and beautifully focused finish.

This wine on sale through December 13 for X'mas delivery please note that we will not ship through extreme weather condition states except via 2 day air with an additional $20. charge for shipping, i.e., total shipping for these items for 2 day air would run at $29.95.


Holiday Gift Pack of Three Wines Scored 90+ 3 x 750ml:

A perfect gift for the wine connoisseur -- three wines rated above 90 by the Wine Spectator. Chalk Hill 2004 Sonoma Chardonnay (WS 92)-- A rich, complex style, with excellant depth to the mix of ripe pear, fig and spice notes. Pretty toasty oak is also evident, yet for all the richness this is quite elegant. Penner-Ash 2005 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (WS 92 and #79 in top 100) -- Supple and open texture, this offers a gentle mouthfell of ripe plum and cherry flavor, picking up a mineral note as the finish lingers engagingly. Robert Mondavi 2004 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon (WS 93) -- a classy wine that"s rich and intense with a concentrated mix of mineral, currant, blackberry, dusty herb and cedary oak flavors. Though deep and well structured, this maintains a sense of elegance and grace. Only 24 available. A $135.00 value.

This wine on sale through December 13 for X'mas delivery please note that we will not ship through extreme weather condition states except via 2 day air with an additional $20. charge for shipping, i.e., total shipping for these items for 2 day air would run at $29.95.


*** New Beers ***

Please note that Christmas deliver cut off for beer is Dec 10th. Rest assured we will do EVERYTHING in our power to fulfill orders as quickly as possible (specially those order after the 10th) in an attempt to get them delivered before Christmas but due to our order cycle and FedEx delivery times, anything after the 10th can not be guaranteed.


La Rulles Cuvee Melleurs Voeux 750ml:

This bottle conditioned winter ale pours orange with a bit of brown. The head rolls out large but settles to just a whisp. The aroma is malty with a touch of roastiness and figs with orange peel at the end. The flavor is fruity orange with sweeter brown malts that give it cocoa hint and finished with a juniper, piney hop. Serve at cellar temp (55) or above. This beer has a nice set of flavors that blend well at warmer temps but the not too sweet malt gets cut out if it is too cold.


De Dolle Special Reserva 2006 330ml:

This beer is always a treat. Thirteen percent in alcohol, this Belgian Oud Bruin style pours brown with a red amber tint. The aroma is something to be savored, brandied cherries, oak, and a touch of earth. Don’t take your first sip too soon, sit and contemplate the depth of the color and the strength and finesse of the aroma. The flavor is fruity with plum and cherry up front that moves into an easy caramel that does not have enough time to come off too sweet as the wood and lactic finish off this flavor ride. This well crafted beer does need to be lingered on and enjoyed.


BFM La Mule 330ml:

BFM (That’s Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes) is a Swiss company that puts out some real gems. This sage infused golden does not disappoint. It pours a straw yellow that has some haze. The aroma is of intense pale malt, sage, and a very lemony hop. The flavor may have some pale malt in it but it is the sage and lemon that come on quick and stay until the very end that fades into a hop bitterness. Herby, lemony sharp and hop bitter, not your typical beer and not everyone may like it but I think it is brilliant.


Scaldis Noel 12oz:

Oooh, I have enjoyed this perennial dessert Christmas beer as the capper to many a fine evenings. Deep amber / ruby in color this 12% beauty is well carbonated but has little in the way of a lasting head. Caramel and purple plum with dark candy sugar in the aroma. The flavor up front is the perfect contrast to the sumptuous aroma, it comes on strong with an alcohol twinge that instantly disappears into a brown sugar, raisin and plum flavor that lingers a while. Classic!!!

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