Saturday, November 07, 2009


Pike Entire Wood Aged Stout 22oz:

This wood aged stout is like the “Big Foot” imperial stouts. By that I mean that is has a huge, powerful, aggressive flavor now that is extremely impressive and enjoyable but, if you are patient and want a smoother more supple brew and you can wait a year or two, this is going to be rich, smooth, with intensely rich flavors. Big dark roast character in the form of dark chocolate, espresso and a touch of molasses. The wood aging comes through with oak vanilla and a touch of bourbon. The tannins from all of the dark malt and wood has a bit of sharp but not an unwelcome characteristic this early in the game and should meld into the other flavors with time. The hops are quite pronounced and bitter now. Like in Big Foot this not a bad thing and if you’re a hophead now is the time to drink. If on the other hand you like things a touch more mellow the bitterness will drop quickly over the next 8 to 12 months. This is the PERFECT aging beer. Great now. Great a year or two from now and AWSOME 4 or 5 down the road. I only have five cases so get it while ye may.

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