Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Russian River Collaboration 2007 22oz:

This beer comes with a bit of a story. It is a joint venture between Russian river and Avery brewing because they both had a beer called Salvation. Instead of filing legal action to make the other change the name of the beer, they decided to blend the two into a special brew. The only problem I saw was when I tasted this release back on 2007 it was way too young and had not reached its full potential. Knowing a good thing when I saw it I grabbed up a several cases and put them in the cellar to age. Now at one and a half years old it has reached its peak and it ready for sale. This aged beer comes in at a good price and has a full range of deep mature flavors.

This aged 2007 vintage beer pours with a color that is a deep ruby red with brown underpinning. The head is two and a half fingers high but settles into a thin layer with some nice lace. The aroma is amazing as it has big brown malts, cherries with port and prune at the end. The flavor has a great chocolate cake, raspberry syrup quality and a qualifying hop bitterness in the finish.

For those of you who frequent you may know that when batches of this beer has been reviewed young (when released) it has received a lot of B- and B ratings but this 2007 aged version receives an A+ in my book. Enjoy!

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