Monday, August 24, 2009


*** Looking for a bargain? ***

Two Baron brand beers are now at 33% off regular price (sales price is currently listsed)

Baron Rumpelstiltskin 22oz:

Deep brown / mahogany in color with a thin tan head. This 9.5% Rauch Doppelbock comes with whiffs of fruit and a light roasted malt that is hidden behind the large rolling smoke aroma. The flavor has a grape plum hit up front with a chocolate and smoke finish.

Baron Uber-Weisse 22oz:

This Weizen Bock is cloudy brown with a medium bubbly head. The aroma is chocolaty malt with yeasty banana and clove notes. The flavor is of roasty caramel, cherries, and wheat graininess. The lower carbonation gives it a smooth medium body.

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