Thursday, July 02, 2009


21st Amendment Watermelon 12oz:

This beer has quite a following and has won the “Most Popular” beer award at the Oregon Brewers Festival many times. The color is straw yellow with a yeast haze. The head has the appropriately large billowy character you expect from a good wheat beer. The aroma is grainy wheat and watermelon. The flavor has a crisp Weiss wheat flavor and a melon finish. There is NOTHING artificial tasting, they use only real watermelon and it shows. It is not fruity sweet rather it has a big wheat / malt flavor up front with a mellow watermelon underpinning. As it states on the can “Yeast inside, agitate before opening.” This is important (I did it after opening because I did not want to ware the beer) because putting the yeast in with the beer dramatically changes the flavor and mouth-feel. If you do not do this you lose the crispness in the flavor and have a thinner feel.

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