Saturday, June 20, 2009


Red Branch Diabhal 16oz:

I know they bill this brew as a Belgian strong golden but make no mistake this is a golden braggot. If you don’t know, a “Braggot” is mead (honey wine) made with malt (tastes more like a mead than a beer) while a “Honey Beer” is a beer made with honey (tastes more like a beer than a mead). Trust me when I say that this is an excellent golden braggot (and I used to make gallons of the stuff in my younger days). The main thing is to set you expectations in line with drinking a mead not a beer.

The color is golden and a thin head that leave nice lace. The aroma is floral and orange from the honey, a bit of yeast and some oaty malt. The flavor has some sweetness to it but it is tart. For those of you who have had semi-dry to dry mead you know what I’m talking about. Mead is nautrally more acidic than beer and therefore will have a flavor that is more tart and that comes just from the fermentation of a lot of honey. Lightly malty with a crisp fruity component from the honey and finish that is sweet with a hint of yeast.

If you are interested in trying a more typical “Brown Braggot” try Dansk “Old Danish”

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