Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dansk Old Danish Braggot 750ml:

Braggot is an old, rather obscure style of brew. It is one that I have made at home for many years. It is a sumptuous mix of malted barley and honey. I know many of you are asking how this differs from a “Honey Beer” but the profile is very different. Honey beers are usually a golden or pale ale with honey added, a braggot starts with a malt bill that is high in the brown, caramel, and toffee range, hops that are low or completely absent and when you get a good braggot (like this one) the honey is well fermented and it tastes more like a mead than raw honey. Dansk pulls it all together with a hit of ginger into a brew that is sweet, strong and smooth without being sugary or insipid. This braggot rates an a+ in my book.

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