Monday, February 09, 2009


Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock 750ml:

It is both beer and chocolate. Sure, we have other chocolate beers, but none come close to smooth, sumptuous, overwhelming chocolate experience that is the Samuel Adams’ Chocolate Bock.

It is a well crafted complex Bock beer that uses plenty of roasted malt and just the right amount of hop (not too bitter). The beer is then aged on a bed of rich chocolate. Make no mistake, this is not your ordinary pint of beer but rather dessert beer at its finest. It is certainly nice to see some of the finer Sam Adams’ beers hit this market but it is in limited quantity. It pours almost black with a hint of ruby red. The head is ample and fluffy. The aroma is sweet and chocolaty. It has a medium full body with a bit of creaminess. The flavor is mainly cocoa with bready/nutty tones and a touch of fruityiness. If you let it warm a bit you’ll get more of the roasty barley character and the hops peek though more.

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