Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Bayern St. Wilbur 12oz:

- From the Brewery -

There"s nothing better than Bayern"s unfiltered Hefeweizen. This Bavarian Hefeweizen ("hefe" means yeast), combines pure wheat flavor with Bayern"s own strain of yeast.

Bayern"s Hefeweizen is hopped moderately with Hallertauer Perle (Germany), the alcohol content is 5.1% alc./volume (13.1 degrees Plato o.g.). We use malted wheat, two-row Harringtion Pale and carmel malt. Hefeweizen was invented in Bavaria and Bayern Brewing"s Hefeweizen is one of the very few that is actually brewed as it is in Bavaria and by a Bavarian Brewmaster. So if you are interested in this style of beer, try this one first and see how the other ones compare to the original.

At Bayern Brewing we use the recipe of the old "Brauerei zum Schiff" in Kaufbeuren, Germany, a brewery 60 miles southwest of Munich established in 1540. Jürgen Knöller, the owner of Bayern Brewing, apprenticed in this brewery from 1978 to 1981 and brought this original recipe to Missoula in 1987.

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