Thursday, November 13, 2008


*** News on Deschutes Abyss ***

Unfortunately things are not going all that well on the Abyss front. From what I have been told, the supply is going to be shorter than last year. With “The Dissident” taking longer than expected it lowered their capacity to make “Abyss”. This means that there is less available. That, along with the fact the EVERY retailer is now wanting to sell this very popular product means that the quantity Liquid Solutions will be allotted is up in the air. So I can not, in good conscious pre-sell Abyss as I truly do not know how much is going to show up. I know many of you want to reserve a few bottles but I am afraid that taking per-sell orders will only make more people unhappy (those who do not get product) than I would make happy by taking the order ahead of time. I hope you understand that I am only trying to reduce the strife in what is going to be frustrating situation for us all. The company that wholesale Deschutes beer delivers to me on Wednesdays so if you check our website about 2:00pm on Wednesday’s you will have a good chance of catching some in stock.

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