Friday, November 07, 2008


Flying Dog Double Dog 12oz:

Is this an Imperial IPA or is it a pale Barley Wine???? Well to be honest I do not know (or care). At 10.5% and 85 IBUs it is strong, bitter and very tasty. It pours a pale amber brown with a tight head that sticks around for a while. The aroma is heavy pale malts with a pine hop and a touch of apple. It has a medium to heavy body that is cut through with a stiff hop bitterness. The flavor although heavy on the hops and bitterness one can not ignore the big malt that weaves its way around all of the hop components. Even at 85 IBUs this level of malt can not be ignored. This is a good thing as it does provide some balance and what I see (taste) as a great aging potential. Enjoy this one now and for years to come out of the cellar

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