Monday, October 06, 2008


When it rains it pours!!

Damn!! We just had two hits to the status quo and they are causing major havoc here at Liquid Solutions, wholesaler changes and a crash of our product database.

First off we are having a massive shakeup in the wholesale market up here. One of the largest beer wholesalers is purchasing another large wholesaler; one wholesaler is going out of business and a new multi state wholesaler in coming into the market. As a result many brands are changing wholesalers. When a brand changes wholesalers there is a transition period that can last a week to a few months while all the details are worked out and the inventory is brought back online. Most of these changes we can deal with and you should not see any delays in orders. Such is NOT the case with Big Sky Brewing (Moose Drool). They are currently in transition and should be back in stock soon. We have many orders that were supposed to go out last week with Big Sky products on them but they have been delayed. Their beers should arrive here this week and those orders will be shipped as soon as possible. I am sorry for the delays but there is little I can do. The upside to this is that our available product selection will go up once things settle in.

Second, we had a major database failure over the weekend. I found this out about 5:30 this morning (10-6) when I tried to log in and pull my reorder reports. The good news is that it does not affect any existing orders and does not include ANY customer data. The product database was heavily corrupted and we are currently working on restoring the data. This obviously has a major impact on all aspects of the Liquid Solutions website. The site is currently inoperable as there is no active product database. Please bear with us as we work to get this remedied.

To end this post with some good news, I just got in some cool new brews. Once the system is back up and running you can look forward to…..

HaandBryggeriet “Double Dram” double IPA
Deschutes “Hop Trip” fresh hop ale
Hale’s “O’Brian’s Harvest Ale” fresh hop ale
Nogne O “Klin Kokos” coconut porter
Deschutes “Jubelale” winter
Aktien “Oktoberfest”
De Proef “Flemish Primitive (Rat Rider)” wild ale
Baird “Temple Garden Yuzu Ale” fruit ale.
Cantillon “Fou’ Fone” apricot lambic

Hopefully by the time you read this the system will be back up and running. Again thank you for your patience and understanding.


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