Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Barley BB 10 750ml:

Barley BB 10 375ml 375ml:

(Excerpts from importer)
Ingredients: Pale malt, caramel malt, Pilsner malt, Sapa of Cannonau {Boiled wort of Cannonau red wine grapes}, white candi sugar, orange peel, Cascasde, Kent Golding
Alc/vol: 10.0%

Notes from Lorenzo Dabove: “Our new skillful craft brewers, without an old tradition to follow, are totally free to brew experimental beers using unusual ingredients often strictly linked to their area. This is the case of young Sardinian engineer Nicola Perra who for this extraordinary BB10 uses even sapa (boiled wort) of a renowned local wine called Cannonau.

A natural “vinosity” accompanies us along the trip, from the warm and sumptuos scent of caramel, cocoa, dried plum, morello cherry and “strawberry” grapes to the palate rich of complex avors such as caramel, chocolate, liquorice, and plums with notes of sweet dried fruits such as gs and sultana. A typical winter warmer to enjoy before going to sleep but it could be perfect with famous piedmontese boiled meats, with a savory Sardinian sheep’s cheese or with a chocolate or ricotta dessert.”

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