Monday, August 18, 2008


Fantom Brise-BonBons 750ml:

[From the Importer]
With joy, and a little bit of mischief, Fantôme brewer Dany Prignon dedicates this very bitter beer to all of the many varieties of brise-bonbons - literally, ball-breakers - in the world. Specifically, this beer is meant for wise-guys, braggarts, pains-in-the-ass, muck-rakers, trouble-makers, know-it-alls, stuffed-shirts, blow-hards, and bores, as well as nut-cracking, wind-bag, prattling-on, self-appointed experts on every-thing, and nose-in-the-air snobs, convinced they can do anything better than you. Dany intended to make a beer too bitter for a normal person to enjoy. The problem is, everyone loves it! Guess we"re all just a bunch of brises-bonbons sometimes.
[From Me]
Ok this is one BITTER Belgian. Sure it is bitter for a Belgian beer but MY GOD it is bitter even for a NW beer. Over the top IPA style this baby has a bitterness that does not compare to anything else. I’m not too sure I can honestly say that it was enjoyable but it was one of those beers that you just keep sipping at and sipping at because it is so different and fascinating. One that keeps your attention and will not let you pull away. One that at least for me required sip after sip in order to analyze it as to what they did, what they put into it and where they were trying to go.

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