Monday, August 18, 2008


De Struise EarthMonk/Pannepot 330ml:

The “Earth Monk” is on its way!!!!!
After working very closely with the guys down at Shelton Brother’s Imports the De Struise Earth Monk will be shipping from Liquid Solutions as “THE” online retailer. We have a known quantity coming in so we are going to start taking orders now and will ship as soon as it hits the warehouse floor.

The product we are able to offer is a bottle of Earth Monk and a bottle Pannepot at a price of $22.00 for the pair. So if you enter a quantity of one in the cart will have one of the Earth Monk and one of the Pannepot. Due to the scarcity of both products there is a limit quantity of 3 per order.

“Earth Monk”
The Earth Monk being an Oud Bruin that pours a brownish red with a medium size head that has some good staying power. The aroma is woody with fruity cherry and a good spicy clove. The flavor is very tart and fruity with hit of grape, oak, cherries, vanilla, and it has malt of caramel and nut. The finish is of light hop and a dry tart lactic.

The Pannepot being a rich, strong, dark, Belgian style that pours with a massive meringue like head. Sweet fruity aromas that come across fig, pear with spicy notes of cinnamon and a whiff of licorice. The flavor is malty with a touch of sweetness; fig is a major flavor with brown sugar, and hints of chocolate and clove. Great creamy mouth feel and the 10% does not get in the way.

This premium offering is the first of what I hope is many to come from the collaboration between Liquid Solutions and Shelton Brothers Imports.

Matt Maples

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