Monday, June 30, 2008


Rogue XS Brewers Ale 2008 750ml:

AKA "Brew Dawg"

This excellent brown/orange brew has it all going on; more than it fair share of hops with plenty of malt to go with it and a respectable alcohol content that is well masked by the high flavor profile. It’s sort of an “Arrogant Bastard” on steroids. This 9%er pours with a small tight head. It has plenty of Melanoidin and high lovabond crystal malts along with Simco and Centennial hops. The aroma is a mix of orange, cake and caramel. The flavor has a sweet malty base but it’s the 106 IBU hops that dominate the profile. With grassy orange flavor notes and a powerful bitterness at the end, the finish is quite dry

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