Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Beer Valley Black Flag Stout 22oz:

Man or man this is one of the darkest blackest Imperials I’ve had. Pitch black with a tan head, the carbonation level is rather low but with the high malt and 11% alcohol that is understandable and appreciated. The aroma is of bread, highly roasted malt and bitter chocolate. The flavor is aggressively roasty with a touch of astringency from all of the black patton malt, coffee and a touch of piney hops. The flavor intensity is high and for those who enjoy the stoutest of stouts this one fits the bill. If it were a touch drier I could easily peg this as a Russian Imperial but as it stands I would say that this 11% beauty is an imperial stout of the highest qulity. I can not wait to see what else these guys make.

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