Friday, September 21, 2007


Baladin Xyauyu 750ml:

Xyauyu was brewed in 2004 and bottled in September 2006.
Brewing process:
Primary fermentation for 25 days The maturation/aging follows the Method Solera ["adjusted by Teo"], which was developed centuries ago by the Spanish and Portuguese to perfect the aging of their sherry and port. Teo’s objective is to allow Xyauyu to perfectly oxidize during the aging process of 2.5 years {oxidation plays a critical role in aging port, sherry, as well as vintage beers - too much oxidation will ruin the liquid - too little will not optimize the change in flavor / aroma during the aging process} .Here’s how Teo"s system works: Xyauyu is transfered to a steel vessel with transparent membrane and a "oxygen hat". After several tastings during the 2.5 year aging process Teo decides when it"s time to bottle (it all depends upon the oxidation velocity).
** Pre Buy - $38.70 if ordered by 9/28 12:00PM Pacific time, after that $43.00

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